A guy eating his own cum

I fully expect someone giving me oral pleasure to be sucking cock; viz, mine. I solicited opinions from a few guy friends, and none of them admitted to doing it, but all of them said it wasn't unusual and knew other guys or at least former partners of their partners who were into it. What trees smell like come? Gophers May 7,
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Men Reveal What It Was Like To Taste Their Own Sperm

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How to eat your own semen. : copypasta

This low-calorie treat has just five to seven calories in the average teaspoon-size serving and comes with some protein, amino acids and a few vitamins and minerals. Being slightly taboo, it undoubtedly evokes the same pleasure when it's just you and your hand. Thanks for asking. I don't do this. But do straight men ever guzzle down their — — own love juices?
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Alexis on the Sexes: Eat your own

More From Star Tribune. And some people eat poop and drink pee, theirs or others. I've read plenty of books, both instructional and fictional, on BDSM, and the act of consuming one's own semen seems to come up most often in female dominatrix scenarios.
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And I'm willing to bet that croissant goo tastes much better. Or, to look at it from another angle, the equivalent of expecting a woman to be okay with performing oral sex on you is being willing to perform oral sex on the woman. But perhaps I've said too much If you're in a hurry, perhaps in a situation where you might be discovered, it provides a thorough and quick disposal method. This isn't baffling, it's a commonplace and ordinary part of two heterosexual people fucking. Next smol chick
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